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System Updates. We all know that system updates are crucial to the security and stability of your systems. Total Care takes the guess work of which are absolutely needed and which ones are not. Only updates that our engineering staff has reviewed, tested and approved are loaded on your system. We will ensure that your systems stay up to date with the latest security patches and bug fixes.

Malware Protection. Along with your Total Care Service we implement a protection plan that automatically protects you from viruses, spyware, trojans, worms and many other forms of malware. We provide the best Antivirus/Antimalware software on the market. Your license never expires while you are on Total Care. As long as NorthStar Global is monitoring your network, you will always have the latest, most up to date protection for your company. Keeping your systems up to date and protected dramatically increases uptime and business continuity. Increased productivity leads to increased revenues.

Maintenance. Most people do not realize that there are several general maintenance things they can do to maintain the health and speed of their systems. As part of our monitoring system, we continuously check the health of your systems and run routine maintenance to assure you have a more secure, stable and efficient system.

Data Protection. Many businesses do not have an active data protection and backup plan. Without one, your data is subject to complete and catastrophic loss. NorthStar Global can implement this for you as an automated local backup the we manage and monitor. We take that one step further as a compliment to Total Care through our Armored Path service providing cloud access to you data and more importantly easy access to our advanced Cloud Restore.

IT Department. Total Care grants you the benefit of having your very own IT department. We will advocate on your behalf. We will research the equipment to perfectly fit your requirements so that you can concentrate on what you do best while we do what we do best. NorthStar Global essentially becomes an alliance of yours to work towards the same goals of increased revenues, decreased downtime and an overall peace of mind that you can only receive with a total service offering like NorthStar Global provides.


Total Care Pro is available to business clients only, while Total Care Basic is available to both consumer and business clients. Both versions of our platform include proactive monitoring and the maintenance program.

Total Care Pro is an all inclusive service. There are no incident fees and your amount of service is unlimited. NorthStar Global technicians can setup and monitor your back ups for you as well. You are guaranteed a technicians response within 2 business hours anytime you need help, although most of the time the response is within minutes. Total Care Pro grants you direct access to our technical staff and grants you the ability to have a preferred staff member to work with you. This allows us to learn and know your business better. You have the convenience and focus of your own IT Staff without the cost.

Total Care Basic is a non-inclusive service. Tech support requests and service is additional and based upon the type of help required. For in-house, phone or remote support and repairs, a reduced per incident amount is assessed. If the service requires an onsite visit, you receive a substantial discount, plus mileage. You are guaranteed a technician’s response within 4 business hours anytime you need help.


Total Care Pro

  • One Time Setup – $35
  • Workstation – $40 per unit per month
  • Server – $55 per unit per month
  • Network Device – $9 per unit per month

Total Care Basic

  • One Time Setup – $35
  • Computer/Laptop – $20 per unit per month
  • In-house or Remote – $30 per incident
  • On-site – 50% off regular rate plus mileage

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