Total Care

Most companies take a reactive approach to their technology challenges. Something breaks and the company calls in a technician for repair. This is a reactive approach. In the industry we call these break-fix scenarios. Something has to break first. In the meantime, you lose productivity, time, money and possibly valuable data. After all of this, you react with a repair.

Imagine a world where your computer contacts a technician to fix it before things break.

Most small businesses do not have it in their budget to have a full time IT person on staff. So, they end up assigning the most “tech savvy” person with the responsibility of maintaining the computers and doing their regular responsibilities. Government and larger corporations, have full time IT staff. However, when they have people on vacation or sick, their staff’s effectiveness is cut proportionally to the lack of staff.

Imagine a world where you have an entire IT department without all of the cost or stress.

Many entities have to research their own technology needs instead of focusing on their business. Quite often, because they are not experts in technology, these entities purchase products that may or may not exactly fit their requirements. These companies have no advocacy and they are expending time, money and resources focusing on things that they do not specialize in rather than things that they do.

Imagine a world where technology worries do not exist.

Total Care LogoYou have just imagined a world that we have made a reality. Welcome to the world of NorthStar Global’s Total Care.

Total Care consists of a complete package where we take complete and Total Care of any and all of your technological needs. Through Total Care, NorthStar Global proceeds beyond any one buzzword. NorthStar Global takes you beyond technology.

NorthStar Global’s proactive monitoring service allows us to monitor your servers, workstations and entire network. We can automatically detect problems before you have business continuity loss. Total Care’s monitoring package monitors the health of your system and alerts us to any errors that we should investigate. Our platform reports any software or hardware issues that arise, giving you the ability to proactively act before a catastrophic failure occurs.

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