Are you looking for a rock solid, high speed Internet service? Would  you like to cut the cables running to your house and have more options? Then you are in the right place.

NorthStar Global has partnered with U-Link Systems to provide first class high speed Internet services for Bolivar, Missouri and the surrounding areas.

U-Link Systems offers a wide array of business internet packages that start at 5Mbps and up. They also offer stand-by or back up Internet service. Many businesses rely heavily upon the Internet to transact normal business functions and processes. If you already have a preferred Internet service provider, but you want to make absolutely sure that you are never down due to connectivity issues, We have you covered with a Stand-By connection.

U-Link also provides Voice Services as well. Their hosted VOIP service is a full featured system that works through cloud technology allowing you to avoid the expensive hardware expense of traditional PBX systems. They offer features such as call forwarding and routing, custom hold music and messages, custom ringtones, auto attendant, call conferencing and more.

NorthStar Global proudly provides Tier 1 support for all U-Link customers. In addition we offer special rates to U-Link customers for our security and Antivirus platform. That is is in addition to the special rates offered to U-Link customers for being part of our trusted remote support platform, Total Care™, and utilizing our no nonsense backup system, Armored Path™.

When you combine the solid and trusted support services of NorthStar Global with the fast and reliable Internet services of U-Link Systems, you know you have a winning combination.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.