Features and Pricing

Armored Path LogoSo, what makes Armored Path so special? We’re glad you asked.

We could talk about the features of Armored Path unending. However, we know that you want to understand how this helps you and, more specifically, your business. The following are the main features of NorthStar Global’s Armored Path.

Main Features:

  1. Multiple Sync
  2. Encrypted Storage
  3. Block Level Copy
  4. Versioning Limit
  5. OS Support
  6. File Size And Total Size Limits
  7. Bare Metal Backup
  8. Cloud Restore*

Multiple Sync – This allows for more than one system to synchronize/backup data at the same time and allow for bi-directional synchronization.

Armored Path & Encrypted Storage – Our namesake, not only are all communications between your systems and our servers encrypted, but the storage space on our server can be set to encrypted, at no additional charge. We actually recommend it. This means that your storage space on our data servers are unable to be accessed by ANYONE that does not have the proper client software, username and password and encryption key. Your security, privacy and confidentiality remains one of our top priorities.

Block Level Copy – This one feature will SAVE you a tremendous amount of time. Imagine you edited a large presentation or video file that is over 100MB in size. Most backup services detect that a file has changed and backs up the entire file. That means all 100MB! Armored Path intelligently identifies only the changed data and backs up only the changes instead of the whole file saving time and bandwidth usage.

Versioning Limit – Armored Path supports versioning. What does this mean? That you can keep multiple versions of the same file. This means every edit from each team member. While other services have limits, we believe that you should be the one who determines how many versions you want to keep. So, we grant you an unlimited quantity of versioning.

OS Support – Some services only support Windows. Others are tailored to Apple. And yet others only work with Linux. We do not discriminate. We believe in a multi-platform approach. After all, why discriminate based upon OS (operating system). The data is important regardless of OS. We support Windows, Mac, Linux, BSD and Unix.

File Size and Limits – We do limit your file size. It is set at 16 Terabytes. This is literally larger than any single drive on the market today. That means that the only limit we give you is that ONE file cannot be larger than any drive currently on the market. As far as space limits, that is completely dictated by the package you subscribe to.

Bare Metal Backup – This is a life saver! Armored Path has the ability to restore your system without having an operating system even running. What does this mean? Imagine your hard drive completely crashed. With our Bare Metal Backup, you can put a new hard drive into your computer, restore without reinstalling your operating system and be back up and going in no time, like nothing ever happened!

Cloud Restore* – Oh there is some serious magic going on here. Imagine that your computer is fried and you need to be operational immediately. We can restore your entire computer to a cloud PC, on our servers, and give you remote access in less than 24 hours to your entire computer! This goes for desktops or servers. And, once your system is repaired, you can download the live data from your online version to your system and continue like NOTHING ever happened.

So, we are sure you are likely imagining that all of this is outside the range of your budget. Not at all! Armored Path is offered in various options that can fit any budget.

Annual Armored Path Plans

  • 50GB Total Size – $120
  • 100GB Total Size – $180
  • 250GB Total Size – $360
  • 500GB Total Size – $600

Choose Subscription Level

Not enough space? Contact us and we can build a custom plan just for you!

We are fanatics about business continuity. Keeping your business up and running is in the DNA of NorthStar Global. With Total Care and Armored Path, we offer all you need to be able to focus on what you do best by letting us focus on what we do best.

Contact us now so we can help you protect your business today.

*Cloud Restore is charged per incident and is not a recurring amount.