Armored Path

Armored Path LogoWhat would it cost your business to lose all of the data you have?

What would it take for you to try to recreate data that is irreplaceable?

Imagine that you lost client files, contact databases, marketing collateral, digital artwork, schematics, drawings, confidential notes and more. What would having a copy of all of this be worth to you?

Now, imagine never having to worry about any of the above scenarios. Imagine that your data is always duplicated. Imagine that your data is always secure. What would that be worth to your business?

You just imagined a world where your data was both backed up and protected without your interaction. Well, there is no need to imagine any longer. NorthStar Global’s Armored Path is an enterprise level data backup solution that delivers this at the small business rate without sacrificing stability, security or features.

Armored Path is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. And it’s one directive is to keep your data safe. How? NorthStar Global has made that part easy.

By placing the Armored Path client on each computer that your business has, then according to your own preference of frequency, that data is backed up into an encrypted, off-site location. Our off-site data store is located in a climate controlled environment with access to the main internet backbone to ensure availability.

  • Do you have multiple offices? No problem.
  • Do you have a mix of Windows, Apple and Linux? No problem.
  • Do you have remote workers? No problem.

Do you see a pattern forming. No matter what type of structure your business has or what type of business processes you have, Armored Path can still centralize and protect your data.

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