NorthStar Global, Inc. is a Missouri based data protection and management corporation. NorthStar Global, Inc. was formed January 1st of 2007 and acquired two prominent professional organizations that both have a long history of excellent products as well as world class service – BOSS Computers, LLC and Alternative Computer Services, LLC. With the acquisition of these two companies, we offer a greater range of products and services. Whatever the technological or communications need, NorthStar Global, Inc. can satisfy it.

Mission Statement
Improve the quality of life of our clientele through revolutionary technology solutions that give time and cash flow back to tomorrow’s business leaders today. Build a world class team whose focus is Mission 1st, Team 2nd, Self 3rd and assist in building their individual wealth through mentoring, monetary compensation, and shares of company stock as the company grows larger and more profitable. Become the global leader in electronic asset security and management systems and innovative solution development and provision.